Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting Started

Having spent a number of years in the law I want to get started with just a little background. I got into the law at the urging of others having been a teacher of social studies/history in the New York City Public School System. Being a lawyer can be stressful but it doesn't beat teaching a classful of adolescents in an overcrowded classroom a subject that most of the students had no use for. Before teaching I had a variety of other jobs from taxi driver to typesetter before that got wiped out by desktop publishing. But law is a profession that I have taken to and I always strive to make my practice better.

I was also active in politics going back to the sixties in anti-war and civil rights related activities and spent many years in a group that at this point I wish I hadn't. Nevertheless I still believe that there are needs to make changes in gov't and in the law.

I shall attempt to comment from time to time on subjects in the areas of law I am most involved and familiar with such as personal injury, employment discrimination and family law in New York and New Jersey. Occasionally, if the issue arises, I shall get into issues of constitutional law especially when it might involve things like the issue of habeas corpus, the treatment of "enemy noncombatants", etc. One of the people whose views I most admire is Nat Hentoff. He has a good take on civil liberties and stands up to both the right and the left when necessary to do it. Of course, right now the biggest threat to civil liberties is the current Administration. Even conservative libertarians like former Congressional members Dick Armey, Bob Barr, and former Dep. Atty. General for the Reagan Administration, Bruce Fein, who has been actively promoting support for Bush and Cheney's impeachment have recognized what a threat to civil liberties this so-called war on terror has become.


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