Wednesday, October 3, 2007

War surtax

I just read that there are three Congressmen who are now promoting legislation that would fund Bush's Iraq War through a war surtax rather than to continue fund it through deficit spending. Although it has people on the right spitting and fuming, it makes eminent sense. This is the first war in history where only 130,000 members of the armed forces are expected to make sacrifices, while everyone else can show their support by putting a ribbon on their cars. No war bonds, no drafts, no taxes, but tax cuts instead. And yet the neo-cons describe this as a war to save western civilization.
So if this war is so vital why do the Republicans fear promoting an increase in taxes to fund it? Better to cut health care for children as Bush did in vetoing the bill to extend s-chip coverage.
Unfortunately, although three Congressmen thus far, Obey, Murtha and McGovern have supported this proposed bill, the Dem leadership under Nancy Pelosi has rejected it. No wonder the Congressional poll numbers are so poor. If the Dems in Congress can't mount any fight with a majority in Congress, maybe they don't deserve to be in the majority.

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