Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Primaries

I think that the results of Obama defeating Hillary and Huckabee defeating Romney is an indication that the population, at least in Iowa is moving away from the establishment politicians in both parties. While I liked Edwards, my opinion is that Obama did appeal to a lot of young voters, and although his positions are basically establishment, people do think he's a breath of fresh air from having another four years of Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton. Huckabee may be very conservative on the social issues like abortion and evolution but his record as governor indicated that he was not that different than Clinton was as Gov of Arkansas. Hopefully we'll see Hillary's showing an indication that the eleciton can't simply be bought by her name and the rep of her husband, although I wish Obama would stay away from the celebrity endorsements as well and focus on actual policy formation.
We'll see if Giuliani sinks in NH. If Romney doesn't pull a win in a state bordering his own I think his campaign is going down as well.

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