Monday, March 8, 2010

Some DYFS inanity

In a day and age when children suffer real abuse and neglect, DYFS can sometimes spend time pursuing the most innocuous actions of parents or guardians as a reason to pursue parents that are deemed neglectful in the eyes of some supervsior at DYFS headquarters.  I am publishing a link to a recent Appellate Court decision that takes DYFS to task for pursuing a mother who left her children safely in the car while going into a store from where she could see her car and the children inside.  After the police were called, DYFS got involved, but didn't pursue the matter for three years.  Another few years later, after losing an appeal before an administrative judge who found no evidence of neglect, DYFS chose to pursue the matter in court, and got rejected for their efforts.

Fortunately, the parents involved in this case had an attorney at the beginning of the case who was able to get the case rejected.

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